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LIC Believers Document

In every person lies the ability to become what he/she was created to be.

The world is in an identity crisis.  Everyone wants to be identified with something or someone.  This need for identification is natural and is emphasized by God himself. “Let us now make man in our own image”. We need to know who we are and what we have been commissioned to do, we should always identify ourselves with the Holy Spirit, The Bible, and the head of the Church, "Jesus Christ".

Within us, there is something different, powerful and untapped awaiting the last ingredients to be activated.   Within us, there are gifts, talents and purposes that only we can fulfill. Life Impact Centre ( LIC) is aware of this and wants to help each person find and fulfill his or her God given purpose.  Each person is like a seed hidden with potential that needs to be planted in the right soil so that they can be a fulfilled person.

Life Impact Centre is aware that people want to relate and belong to a believer’s fellowship of good quality.  People are normally excited and enthused rather easily. This is why many of the cults of our day grow so quickly and deceive so many people.

It is our place as a local fellowship to orient the flock of God into the entire church body.  We must use scriptures as well as the gifts of the Holy Spirit to display what we believe and represent.

Life Impact Centre is a non-denominational ministry committed to the Integrity of God’s Word, an Apostolic Teaching and Resource Center. We endeavor to cultivate and produce men and women that represent the true principles of the Kingdom of God.



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