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Lucien Mac Donna was born in French St. Martin in 1968, and migrated to Anguilla with his family at the age of five.

On September 30th 1983 at the age of 15, feeling rejected and unloved he attempted to commit suicide by going up on a cliff and stabbing himself in the chest with a knife. At that point he heard a voice saying three times "Son I love you".

Loosing consciousness, he awoke 7 hours later with blood on his clothes but with no knife wound. That night he had a vision of a man's hand extending out of a cloud touching his head, and he heard a voice saying, "I have called you, and have ordained you for such a time as this, I will do mightily things in you. Live clean and be holy. The blind will see and the lame will walk." He was baptized in the Holy Spirit that same night. From that day on he committed his life to the Lord, regularly attending church, and becoming very active.

The calling on his life was evident and he was quickly positioned in leadership roles, becoming ordained as a Pastor at the age of 19. Over the years he has traveled extensively ministering the gospel, seeing souls saved and miraculous signs done including; blind eyes seeing, dear ears hearing, the dumb speaking, demons cast out, tumors disappearing, and a boy pronounced dead raised to life again.

He is the founder, and served as president of the Evangelical Association of Anguilla for many years. God has used him to be a voice to the island of Anguilla for over 20 years, and he is still hard at work doing the work of the Lord.



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